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List of registered insurance brokers in Nigeria 2021


An insurance broker is a registered business or individual, who represents consumers in negotiating and purchasing insurance cover. Before a broker can operate In Nigeria, it is important that they register with The Nigerian Council of Registered (NCRIB). In addition, they must also have a license to operate from the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM).

As of year 2019, there are well over 330 in Nigeria. But this article will looks into the top 10 registered brokers in Nigeria.

The list of registered in Nigeria are listed below:

1. Colenson

2. Leverage Limited

3. Hilltop

4. Risk Analyst

5. Nigeria life and provident company limited

6. Union commercial

7. of Nigeria

8. Hogg Robinson Nigeria

9. Carrier

10.Nasco Nigeria Limited

1. Colenson Insurance Brokers

Colenson Insurance Broker established in the year 1983, and since their inception. In Nigeria, they are one of the longest operating brokers. Furthermore, they specialize majorly in financial risks, Accident, Life, Liability, and Transportation.

Website: www.colensonbrokers.com

2. Leverage Insurance Brokers Limited

Leverage Insurance Brokers Limited was established in the year 1991. Also licensed in the same year to transact all classes of Insurance and reinsurance business in Nigeria. Leverage Insurance Brokers is committed to your freedom to help your business by maximizing your available financial resources.

Website: www.leverageins.com

3. Hilltop Insurance Brokers

Hilltop brokers incorporated in 2003 as a Private Limited Liability company. They were incorporated and licensed to generally carry out the business of Insurance Broking, Risk management, Consultation in Marine, Motor, life, and general business insurance.

Website: www.hilltop-ng.com

4. Risk Analyst insurance Brokers

Risk Analyst Insurance Brokers started operation in the year 2003. They offer quality insurance broking services to clients in key economic areas at personal and corporate levels. Also offer quality reinsurance broking services in both Treaty and Facultative categories to a range of insurance companies by helping them underwrite risk profitably and enhancing capital strength and ratings.

Website: www.riskanalyst.ng

5. Nigeria life and provident company limited

Nigerian Life and Provident Company Limited ( Formerly known as Nigerian Life and Pensions Consultants Limited) is a Corporate Organization which pioneered Pensions Management and Consultancy in Nigeria over Fifty (50) years ago. NLPC is majorly Nigerian owned but has over the years had foreign Technical Partners; we therefore enjoy the status of being an indigenous Company with global reach.

Website: www.nlpc-ng.com

6. Union commercial Insurance Brokers

Union Commercial Insurance Brokers Limited was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company under the name Rock Insurance Brokers Unlimited. In 1997 the company was subsequently re-registered under with National Insurance Commission as an insurance broker to transact all classes of insurance business, which include: Life Assurance Business, General Insurance Business, Special Risks.

Website: www.ucib.com.ng

7. Insurance Brokers of Nigeria

Insurance Brokers of Nigeria, initially established as C. T. Bowring & Company (Incorporated Insurance Brokers) in 1955. They are the very first risk advisory in Nigeria with a track record of excellence. Their services include Wholesale reinsurance services, industrial risk protection, etc.

Website: www.ibn.com.ng

8. Hogg Robinson Nigeria

Hogg Robinson Nigeria Company started operation in 1974 as an Insurance Broker. High having build up a great number of professionals working in all strategic locations in Nigeria, and with Overseas Partners all over the continents. They major in development and establishment of specialist Divisions which include: Oil and Gas, Marine & Aviation, Construction and Engineering, Industrial & Commercial, Reinsurance and Multinational Risks Management.

Website: www.hoggnigeria.com

9. Carrier Insurance Brokers

Carrier Insurance Brokers was incorporated in 1994 and had been in operation for over 20 years. The company is licensed by National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) to provide all classes of insurance. Their major area of services includes Professional Indemnity, Fidelity, and Group life insurance.

Website: carrierinsurancebrokers.com

10. Nasco Nigeria Insurance Brokers Limited

Nasco Insurance started out as an Insurance outfit in Lebanon in 1969. However, through determination and hard work, they have expanded their reach outside Lebanon. Currently, they have branches in Nigeria, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Tunisia, and France. Their major area of specialization is reinsurance, underwriting, and insurance broking.

Website: www.nascoinsurancegroup.com